Krasse Aktionen von Colorado bis Patagonien

David Firnenburg Veccio Leone 8B
Foto: Archiv Firnenburg

Vom Hardcore-Boulder in Colorado zur Erstbegehung in Patagonien: Die krassesten Aktionen der letzten Wochen im Überblick. Firnenburg, Schubert, Garnbret und Webb sind nur einige.

Die Kletterwelt steht nicht still: von der Boulder-Erstbegehung in Colorado über schwere Routen in Spanien bis zur Erstbegehung in Patagonien gibt es hier die neuesten Erfolgsmeldungen aus der Kletterwelt.

Viel Spaß mit David Firnenburg, Adam Ondra, Jakob Schubert, Chris Rauch, Paul Robinson, Janja Garnbret, Keenan Takahashi, Daniel Woods, Jessica Pilz, Stefano Ghisolfi und weiteren.

David Firnenburg klettert 'Vecchio Leone' (Fb 8B) im Tessin

David Firnenburg klettert 'Gioia stand' (Fb 8B) in Varazze

Chris Rauch klettert low start zu 'The Story of two Worlds' (Fb 8c+)

A dream became reality! Today I was able to climb the @dave_graham_ masterpiece "The story of 2 worlds" (8C). Afterwards I checked out the moves of @dai_koyamada 's low start. Since I was already pretty tired I pulled on with no big expectations. Sometimes it seems like this is the key to success. After a hell of a fight I stood on top of this amazing boulder and nabbed the second ascent. Congrats to @pawel.rambo.jelonek who made an impressive ascent of "The story" and thanks to the awesome crew who made this session possible! Photo by @florianschmalzl . . . @scarpaspa @moonclimbing #Swiss #Switzerland #Schweiz #Austria #Österreich #Tirol #Cresciano #Zillertal #dream #rock #boulder #klettern #climbing #mountains #Tessin #Ticino #scarpaspa #scarpaclimb #scarpa #moonclimbing #iloooveit #doyouboulder #climbing_lovers #escalade #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbing_worldwide #climbing_is_my_passion #climbinginspiration #extremebouldering

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Keenan Takahashi klettert 'The Nest' (V15) in Red Rocks, Colorado

Samuel Ometz klettert 'The Great Escape' (Fb 8B), Tessin

Janja Garnbret klettert 'Seleccio Natural' (9a) in Santa Linya, Spanien

Janja Garnbret klettert 'Fabela pa la enmienda' (9a) and 'Blomu' (8c+)

Daniel Woods: Erstbegehung von ‘Nomadic Freaks’ (8c+/14c) in Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado

Stefano Ghisolfi wiederholt 'La Capella' (9b)

Jessica Pilz klettert 'Fabelita' (8c) im dritten Versuch

Adam Ondra chillt in 'Teoria del Gesto' (9a), Grotta dell'Aeronauta, Italien

Just taking a view in Teoria del Gesto 9a, Grotta dell'Aeronauta, Italy, back in December. Photo by @tylernardoneph

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... und in 'Mongo' (9a) am Schleier Wasserfall

A little more.@pucseries @patxiusobiaga_pucseries training to be done and I will touch some rock again. Here, last November in Schleier Wasserfall making repeat of Mongo 9a. Pic by @roland_hemetzberger @blackdiamond @montura_official @lasportivagram @mytendon

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Adam wiederholt 'Meiose' (9a+) in Charmey, Schweiz

On the way to France, we made a stip in Switzerland in Charmey and I managed to make the second ascent of Meiose on my 3rd go. This route was put up by Pirmin Bertle as 9b, I think 9a+ is closer to reality. This kneebar in the video was quite important to shake out before the resistant part on tiny holds. @montura_official @blackdiamond @mytendon @lasportivagram

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Erstbegehung von Adam Ondra in St. Leger - La Castagne (Fb 9a+)

St Leger is slooowly drying up. First ascent yesterday, a route bolted by Quentin Chastagnier - La Castagne 9a+ (name was changed - did not know the name had been given). Pic by @raphaelfourau @montura_official @blackdiamond @mytendon @lasportivagram

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Jimmy Webb klettert ‘Saruman du bas’ (Fb 8B) in Fontainebleau

Brennan Robinson klettert 'Mandala sit' (V13) in Bishop, Kalifornien

Alban Levier zieht 8As in Fontainebleau

Nina Williams klettert 'Super Botslayer' (V11) in Flagstaff Mountain, Colorado

Jacob Schubert flasht 'Catalan Witness the Fitness' (Fb 8C)

Martin Keller klettert 'Ninja Skills' (Fb 8B+) im Tessin

Matt Fultz klettert 'The Wheel of Fortune' (V14) in Colorado

This was a "wheelie" fun boulder! Wheel of Fortune (V14) second ascent today! @madrockclimbing @asanaclimbing @frictionlabs @musclepharm @kailasofficial

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Paul Robinson Erstbegehung: La Plancha (V14) in den Flatirons, Colorado

Yess!!! Managed to make the first ascent of “La Plancha,” yesterday up in the flatirons. A huge thank you to @diegolmontull and @tchadx for showing me this amazing line. It is so rad to see new lines in a state where we already have so many incredible established lines. The line is an ode to the infamous “bugeleisen” in Austria and is shaped very similarly like that of an iron. My guess for the grade on the line is about low end v14/8B+. I can’t wait for others to go out and check this problem out. #bouldering thanks for the amazing photo: @punkaca

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Siebe Vanhee gelingt 'kleine' Erstbegehung an der Ostwand der ‘Aguja desconocido’, nördlich vom Torre Mascara in Patagonien

- Squeezing into a small weatherwindow - We enjoyed the small window in the Paine on the 25th to climb a small first ascent on the east face of ‘Aguja desconocido’ North of the Torre Mascara! Although the climbing conditions looked horendous, we were super efficient! Good warm up for bigger pushes we’re planning! Let’s hope for better weather now cause 100km/h wind is not ideal to climb, and even worse to descent. @thenorthface @thenorthfaceuk @thenorthface_climb @petzl_official @avventuraoutdoor @fiveten_official @sportpraktijk #neverstopexploring #patagonia #torresdelpaine #badervalley #fastlightfree

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