Highlights: Hanke, Wurm, Jung und mehr

Alizee Dufraisse klettert The Arch 8B
Foto: Alizee Dufraisse

Wer hat was geklettert? Hier gibt es den Überblick über die härtesten Begehungen der letzten Wochen.

Jonathan Siegrist (US) klettert 'The Path' (5.14a R) in Lake Louise, Alberta (CA)

This pitch has been on my ultimate tick list since I first saw the news of @sonnietrotter ‘s ascent in 2007. Well, in reality, back then it was nothing but a far-fetched dream because I had just climbed my very first 14a that summer and the thought of climbing a gear route that hard was utterly terrifying. Fast forward to 2011 when I first walked to the back of Lake Louise and laid eyes on it. Despite climbing 9a and a bunch of alpine trad routes at the time I did not have half the courage to truly inspect the Path. I love how adding the complications of risk and placing your own protection can completely change the experience and difficulty of climbing. It’s just another amazing facet of this pursuit that is so exciting to explore. In some not so awesome heat but with overwhelming stoke I finally had the opportunity to climb ‘The Path’ 14a R this last Monday. What an absolutely brilliant line! I must say, huge congrats to @babsizangerl on her recent ascent - I truly believe that this route is harder and more dangerous for a short climber, so much respect!! Thank you to @mikehopkinsphotography for the photographs just a couple days left in Canada unfortunately... @arcteryx @metoliusclimbing @lasportivana @maximropes @zealoptics @climbonproducts @theprobar @vertical.life.climbing #alberta #lakelouise

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Babsi Zangerl (AT) und Jacopo Larcher (IT) klettern 'Magic Mushroom' (7c, 20 SL) und 'Deep Blue Sea' (7b+, am Eiger (CH)

Eiger is delivering!! We were pretty lucky with the thunderstorms—yesterday we stood on the top of „Magic Mushroom“. Such an iconic route from @rogerschaeli and @christoph_hainz. 2 days on the Eiger- free-climbing 2 awesome routes. #coulnd‘tbeanybetter #deepbluesea and #magicmushroom #alpinesportclimbing #adventure

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Madeleine Cope (GB) klettert Internationale E7 6b) und 'Point Blank' (E8 6c) in Pembroke (GB)

Back by the sea. Stennis Ford has been a good option in the mist, humid, hot weather combination. Have been having a lot of fun getting back into the swing of things on the immaculate Point Blank and Internationale (which I found a bit scary with the top peg being a rusty stump of metal!) @mammut_uk @lasportivagram . . . . . . . . #trad #climbing #keepingcalm #climbing_is_my_passion

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Shawn Raboutou (US) klettert 'Sky' (Fb 8B) in Rocklands (ZA)

Sky (8b/v13) . @dawoods89 haha .. how many times does he say yes? . . @lasportivana @frictionlabs @organicclimbing

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Jule Wurm (DE) klettert 'Fragile Steps' (Fb 8B) in Rocklands (ZA)

Fragile Steps (8B) So psyched to be able to pull hard on some tiny holds again, not even a year after destroying my right arm completely @mammut_swiss1862 @madrockclimbing

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Alex Wurm (DE) klettert 'Mooiste Meisje' (Fb 8B) in Rocklands (ZA)

We're having a great time in Rocklands! Managed to send "Moistie Meisie" (8B) yesterday surrounded by sun and a great crew . @julewurm @naomi.alx @joshpatzner . @mammut_absolute_alpine @madrockclimbing . #bouldering #climbing #nature #heelhook #sport #sportmotivation #climbing

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... und 'Narcotic direct' (Fb 8B) in Fontainebleau (FR)

8weeks #4: Narcotic direct (8B) at Fontainebleau ! Raw upper-bpdy strengh needed. Sent it in a few tries with @luis_gerhardt_ pro beta advise . . @mammut_absolute_alpine @madrockclimbing #climbing #bouldering #fontainebleau #beta #sports #sportsmotivation #boulder

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Toshi Takeushi (JP) klettert 'Monkey Wedding' (Fb 8C) in Rocklands (ZA)

MonkeyWedding V15/8C ・ ・ 2年越しのモンキー登れました!!! by @i_chikara @soill @takehold @takeholdlv @heavy.japan @up.athlete @frictionlabs

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... und 'Executioner' (Fb 8B)

Executioner 8b//Last day of my trip was super hot//But barely managed to do this new mega classic within 7or8try//Thanks to the shade wall//See you next year,Rocklands @soill @takehold @takeholdlv @heavy.japan @up.athlete @frictionlabs

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Aidan Roberts (GB) klettert 'Monkey Wedding' (Fb 8C) in Rocklands (ZA)

Monkey Wedding 8c/V15 Finished this off over a week ago and I'm pleased with it. It was an interesting boulder for me and one which felt as though it should not have been too hard. Physically I felt comfortable on it and found the final roll into the break easy, even from before the crux moves. However, after adding 3 easier intro moves my foot would pop every single time. I stuck the crux slap 8 times before I could get my foot to stay! Maybe this makes my ascent even more satisfying. Climbing at such a grade has always been inspiring for me yet also intimidating. Now that I've done it and it did not feel too hard I think it will give me confidence to try boulders of similiar difficulty in the future @thenorthface @thenorthfaceuk @edenrockclimbing #neverstopexploring #climbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #bouldering #rocklands

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Thomas Collignon (FR) klettert 'Ubuntu' (Fb 8B) in Rocklands (ZA)

Happy end for this one. In spite of the tiredness and painfull finger,i finally did Ubuntu 8b (certainly soft). Time to enjoy our last day here now. Last video soon on vimeo tom3. Thanks @arthur.delicque for the great Pic and @alban_levier @mbonzom and the family for the pads and the positive support. #climbing #climbing_is_my_passion #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #bouldering #bouldering_pictures_of_instagram #climbing_photos_of_instagram #blozone_fontainebleau #i_bbz #rocklandsbouldering #rocklands #escalade #bloc #grimper #

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Daniel Jung (DE) klettert 'The Recovery Drink' (vermutlich härtester Riss der Welt) in Jossingford (NO)

The "Recovery Drink" is DONE!! What a beautiful line, what a nice challenge! I‘m extremely happy to have send it finally on my very last day. I will post a bit more about the very exciting last days soon. Big thanks to everyone that joined my on the ledge: @nicofavresse and Olivie, @bernardo_gimenez, @erik_massih, @siebevanhee, @grandelius, @petewhittaker01 and @tompaulrandall (for offering me to go first) @fredmoix and especially the best @sylwiabuczekbouldering! Thanks for the picture @fredmoix! @blackdiamond @fiveten_official @goodgripinfo #liveclimbrepeat #brandofthebrave #schlüsselstelle #jungsboulderhalle

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Max Prinz (DE) klettert 'Unendliche Geschichte' (Fb 8B+) und weitere im Magic Wood (CH)

Stefano Ghisolfi (IT) klettert 'Pure Dreaming' (9a) in Massone (IT)

I warmed up in my garage, check out the route and unexpectedly sent Pure Dreaming, the newest 9a of Massone opened by @adam.ondra few months ago and recently repeated by @konecnik . It would be a hard 9a if Adam wouldn't find this kneebar after the first section of the route, so it is "just" 9a. Sorry @alexandermegos I have no problem sleeping at night, even after using kneepad . • •@sara_grip • @thenorthface @lasportivagram @camp1889 @vertical.life.climbing @epictv @hrtholds @frictionlabs #neverstopexploring #fiammeoro • #climb #climbing #steghisati #rockclimbing #klettern #escalade #bouldering #climbing_pictures_of_instagram

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Mike Foley (US) klettert 'North Ridge' (V14) in Squamish, BC (CA)

Beat the heat and the smoke to take down North Ridge (V14). Back to back sends with @jwebxl . Feelin fit and psyched for Canmore next week. @boykob

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Chiara Hanke (DE) klettert 'Battle Cat' (11-/11) im Frankenjura (DE)

Next to my main goal to build and create a vegetable patch this week I tried to climb the route "Battle Cat" (8c+) which is very near my homebase. It tooked me only 6 tries for clipping the anchor For me it was very important to choose a very direct solution because the neighboring lines are close together! Thank you very much for the pictures @white_van_media @scarpa_de @bealropes @bergzeit @cafekraft_nuernberg @ropeless

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Daniel Woods (US) klettert 'Eskimo Bros' (Fb 8B) in Rocklands (ZA)

Sleep thru the day then we play all thru the l8 night ———————- Eskimo Bros (8B) FLASH ——————— Savage crimp bloc put up by @paulrobinson87 —————————- Lots has been goin down... be on the lookout for a nice flick of our trip coming soon

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Nathaniel Coleman (US) klettert 'The Escapist' (Fb 8B)...

It's been almost 2 weeks since I got to South Africa. Wow. Never have I seen rock this good, so conducive to hard climbing. Here is my proudest send of the trip, The Escapist (8B | V13) that just went down today. Good luck to @bigtwig23 who is getting close, and thank you to @joemeiners for filming 4 more weeks in paradise! @prana @petzl_official @fiveten_official @gnarlynutrition @frictionlabs

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... und 'Double or Nothing' (Fb 8A+) in Rocklands (ZA)

@Nathaniel.Coleman snatching up the second ascent of “Double Or Nothing” V12 / 8A+ Video by @kyra_condie One of our last days in Africa, we went up to check out the champagne sector, and right away @nathaniel.coleman , @mattiasbmclimbs , @charlesbarron And @_shuster_ went to work on this incredible, unrepeated @jwebbxl line. Initially the boulder looked impossible to me, but the crew brought so much psyche, I had to at least give it a try. So much fun watching everyone flying through the air, and amazing to see Nathaniel put it down. Definitely inspires me to try and get better at this jumping stuff.

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Daisuke Ichimiya (JP) klettert 'The Finnish Line' (Fb 8C) in Rocklands (ZA)

I could make “finish line(8c)”from @nalle_hukkataival To send my one of goal is so happy!! by @i_chikara “Finish line”登れたー! 残りのツアーは全指皮を捧げて登りまくりまーす @mountainhardwear.jp @mountainhardwear @evolv_japan @frictionlabs @organicclimbing @up.athlete

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Erstbegehung: Nalle Hukkataival (FI) klettert 'Getting by' (Fb 8B+) in Rocklands (ZA)

Did a nice FA at Champagne sector called Getting By (8B+) while @shawnraboutou was working Livin’ Large. #rocklands @blackdiamond @lasportivagram

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Alizée Dufraisse (FR) klettert 'L'arche' (Fb 8B) in Rocklands /ZA)

I m super happy to send "L'arche" today in Rocklands, first v13/8b for me!!! Thanks to my friends for their support @dave_graham_ @ignaciomulero @petzl_official @tenayaclimbing @arkose.climbing @rab.equipment #wearerab

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Tom Lindinger (DE) klettert 'The Vice' (Fb 8B) in Rocklands (ZA)

My trip to #Rocklands is over after 5 amazing weeks with @liesahergeth @pamsn @sir.takobert @andreas.koesl @ronja.burre @passionbouldering @miki.pix @patricia.v.d and Theresa. Describing everything we experienced within those 34 days would be too much, but to sum up: „We will be back!“ Not just for the projects we left undone, but also for the delicious food, the beautiful sunsets and the funny evenings with Brandy & Coke Thank you @sir.takobert for the from ‚The Vice‘ fb 8B] which went down on our second last day of the trip. @scarpa_de @prana @petzl_official

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Isabelle Faus (US) klettert 'The Arch' (FB 8B) in Rocklands (ZA)

Außerdem gelang Isabelle Quintessential (Fb 8B).

lil vert footage of me doing the arch... tried it five years ago and thought it was reachy, worked the beta and then did it first try from the start this year.. @tchadx ️ ️

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Giuliano Cameroni (CH) klettert 'El Corazon' (Fb 8A+) in Rocklands

El corazon, 8a+ (2nd go) @scarpaspa @prana @frictionlabs

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... und 'The Executioner' (Fb 8B)

“The executioner” (8b) FA by @barefoot_charles @scarpaspa @prana @frictionlabs

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Erstbegehung: Tom Livingstone (GB), Ales Cesen & Luka Strazar (beide SI) besteigen Latok I (7145m) über den Nordgrat; Karakorum, Pakistan

Barely 24 hours after checking at Ljubljana airport, we are already smiling in Skardu. Despite lack of sleep and comfort it feels good to be back among great mountains of Karakoram. #skardu #pakistan #karakoram #climbingexpedition @kailasofficial

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... und 'Cosmic Artifact' (Fb 8B+)

“Cosmic Artifact” (8B+) Really cool compression boulder with pinches and toe hooks FA’d by @dave_graham_ @scarpaspa @prana @frictionlabs #stilealpino

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Matt Fultz (US) klettert 'We can build you' (V14) in Mt. Evans (US)

We Can Build You (V14) Psyched to send this in just a few tries today! Tried it last year a little, but took an odd fall and was apprehensive about giving it more effort. But this time it felt relatively simple! Nice when that happens. @madrockclimbing @asanaclimbing @frictionlabs @kailas_climbing @tensionclimbing

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Annaliina Laitinnen (FI) klettert 'Law and Order' (Fb 8A+) in Rocklands (ZA)

Trying to get used to indoor climbing and get that sweet stamina back after the bouldering trip to South Africa . That’ll require a lot more of painful and pumpy sessions Kinda excited! Picture @jess_talley ”Law and Order”, 8A+, Rocklands @mountainhardwear @louderthan11

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Matthias Woidneck (DE) klettert 'Black Shadow' (Fb 8A+) in Rocklands (ZA)

Sooo, besides taking photos I also occasionaly manage to get up a boulder really happy about this one, might be the nicest feature I've climbed so far 'Black shadow' 8A+ @bouldermax with the , @maxikarrer with the psyche @madrockclimbing @nihilclothing

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Verrücktes zum Schluss: In Japan klettert man Wasserfälle

James Pearson climbing the last pitch of the 100m Fudo waterfall, in Tateyma Japan. Loose rock and 6 inches of moss made for and adventurous day. By far the craziest thing I’ve ever shot photos of.. we are learning a lot about Sawanobori and preparing ourselves for the “big” waterfall.. so I guess this was just practice

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