Highlights: Firnenburg, Winter, Shiraishi, Marschner, Koyamada, Hojer

Dai Koyamada FA
Foto: Dai Koyamada

Wer hat was geklettert? Die Highlights der letzten Wochen im Überblick. Dabei: David Firnenburg, Jonas Winter, Ashima Shiraishi, Kim Marschner, Dai Koyamada Jan Hojer und mehr.

Hier gibt's die krassesten Begehungen der letzten Wochen auf einen Blick.

Jonas Winter (DE) klettert 'Heritage' (Fb 8B) im Tessin (CH)

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Heritage 8b , ticino. Awesome boulder with no real crux move but a sequenz of precise body positions you have to connect. On Problems like this i feel that once you do a tiny mistake in one move it is hard to correct it in the next one and it gets more and more unstabel. On this go i could execute my beta quite precise and it was one of those addicting "flow" moments. #liveclimbrepeat #chalkmatters #climbing_pictures_of_instagramm #climbing_is_my_passion #climbing

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David Firnenburg (DE) klettert 'Dreamtime' (Fb 8C) in Cresciano (CH)

Kim Marschner (DE) klettert 'Flower Power' (8c) in den Grampians (AU)

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Our time in the Grampians is over. Despite a lot of bouldering I could also send some nice sport climbs like the one from this picture 'Flower Power' 33 (8c), 'The Flying Duck' 32 (8b+), 'Academia' 31 (8b) and 'Demon Flower' 31 (8b). Now we‘re heading to the Blue Mountains for another four days and then already back home. After three months of climbing my body feels pretty tired and I guess a little break from climbing is not a bad idea. @pschallx @deuter @redchiliclimbing @whiteoutclimbing #twall #deuter #redchiliclimbing #chalkiswhite #traveltheworld #climbing #bouldering #klettern #sportclimbing #tired #soremuscles #grampians #grampiansnationalpark #grampiansclimbing #melbourne

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... und 'Cherry Picking' (V13)

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Super psyched to have this one done . 'Cherry Picking' v13 (8B) We are having a good time here in the Grampians and finally the sendtrain is rolling @deuter @redchiliclimbing @whiteoutclimbing #twall #deuter #redchiliclimbing #chalkiswhite #climbing #bouldering #sendtrain #grampiansbouldering #grampians #cherry #climbingtrip #klettern #bouldern

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Ashima Shiraishi (US) klettert 'Tilted World' (V13) und mehr in Rocktown (US)

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Had a taste of Southern rock this weekend very stoked to put down some hard classics within the few days we made it outdoors. Fire in the Mountain V12, Tilted World V13 and Testify V12 . So many more climbs I want to do gonna come back for more‍️ @benburrk pic

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Markus Bock (DE) klettert 'Kings of Sonlerto' (Fb 8B) im Tessin (CH)

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„Kings of Sonlerto“ 8B. Since I saw the Dosage Video where @dave_graham_ did the 1st ascent it was a dream of mine to do it one day. Thanks for the support and picture @paulrobinson87 and for the spot @juliuswestphal and @emilie_gerhardt. @scarpa_de @organicclimbing @fazabrushes

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Laura Rogora (IT) klettert 'Esclatamaster' (9a) in Perles (ES)

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First climbing day of 2019 and first chain . Esclatamaster 9a ️ . . . @mrcmonkey #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #picoftheday #loveclimbing #climbforlife #escalade #escalada #grimper #klettern #montura #wildclimb #campcassin #italy #rome #bomber #instagood #instalike #instagram @climbskinspain @agripp_climbingholds @montura_official @terracielomare

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Gabriele Moroni (IT) klettert 'Off the Wagon' (Fb 8B+) in Bavona (CH)

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Who doesn’t remember @chris_sharma trying the infamous Kart Project in Dosage IV!?... well it remained a project at the time and it took a few more years to get the first ascent from @nalle_hukkataival . My story on this problem started several years later, supporting @luca.bazooka.rinaldi on his way to the 5th ascent. I briefly tried it, but felt completely out of reach and put it aside... Last year I came back, after watching @giuliano_cameroni ‘s video doing the first move with a different foot. This foot really helps if you are short and I was able to stick the move in a couple of sessions! Second move is easier in isolation but a real nighmare when you come from the start. To make a long story short, I failed on the problem for two seasons, until yesterday... Everything felt perfect, late start, well rested after two days off, good warm up and perfect conditions... I don’t know the difference between this try and all the other times I fell at the cross move, but it felt effortless... OFF THE WAGON #e9team #petzlteam #scarpaspa #frictionlabs @e9clothing_official @petzl_official @scarpaspa @frictionlabs @bigapesport

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Christof Rauch crushing Tessin

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This years Ticino trip was a blast! The weather was perfect and I was able to tick some hard lines. On the last day of the trip I also came damn close on the @dave_graham_ classic "From the dirt grows the flowers" (8C), I fell 6 times on this nasty mantle. My full ticklist: Der mit dem Fels tanzt, 8C Big Kat, 8B+ Pro Touch, 8B Nike, 8B Supertussi, 8B Freak Brothers, 8A+ Pure Addiction, 8A+ Soilwork, 8A+ Cat on a hot thin roof low, 8A+ Camourange, 8A Thanks to my girl @julia_rechenmacher for all the support . . . @scarpaspa @moonclimbing @frictionlabs #frictionlabs #chalkupless #climbmore #Swiss #Schweiz #Tessin #Ticino #Zillertal #klettern #Chironico #Switzerland #climbing #mountains #boulder #scarpaspa #scarpaclimb #scarpa #moonclimbing #iloooveit #doyouboulder #climbing_lovers #escalade #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbing_worldwide #climbing_is_my_passion #climbinginspiration #climax_magazine

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Clay Gordon (US) klettert 'The Spectre' (V 14) in Bishop (US)

Dai Koyamada (JP) klettert ein Projekt (V13) in Mt.Hiei Miyazaki (JP)

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I sent a project in Mt.Hiei,Miyazaki today.This project consists of continuous very small and sharp crimps so my fingers hurt badly. Glad to send this beautiful line. Probably V13. 今日比叡の開拓エリアでトライしていたプロジェクトを完成させました。 綺麗にカチが繋がる素晴らしいラインです。 指は痛かったが。。 グレードはV13 四段+くらい。 課題名は未定。

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Paul Robinson (US) klettert 'Heritage' (Fb 8B+) im Val Bavona (CH)

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Boulders really do not get better than this! Props to @carlodenali on one of the best FA’s out there. Psyched to finish off heritage V14/8B+ today up in Val Bavona! really fun day out climbing with @bock.markus! @reddigitalcinema screenshot. 8K 5:1 compression can make some pretty nice screen grabs #bouldering

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Sascha Lehmann (CH) klettert Estado Critico' (9a) in Siurana (ES)

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Yesss! Estado crítico 9a After I fell at the very end of this route last year I wanted to come back two month later to finish it off. Due to my knee injury I had to change my plans and it stayed in my head throughout the whole year. Now I finally reached the anchor. It was the highlight of a great week with perfect weather and lots of fun with @sutertobias and @remo_lehmann • • • @mammut_swiss1862 @lasportivagram @schweizersporthilfe @obloc.ch • • • #climbing #klettern #spain #siurana #trainatobloc #estadocrítico #greatweek #nevergiveup

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Flo Wientjes (DE) klettert 'Boogalagga' (Fb 8B) in

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Boogalagga 8B . . Back from a sunny Ticino trip with some cool boulders and a awesome crew. @afrahoenig @kimmarschner @simon.unger91 The week was definitely too short with you guys.

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Jan Hojer (DE) klettert 'A Muerte' (9a) in Siurana (ES)

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2019 has treated me well so far! ‚A Muerte‘ @mammut_swiss1862 @madrockclimbing Thanks for the @bustermartin

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Erstbegehung: Alexey Rubtsov (RU) klettert 'Silver Surfer' (Fb 8B) in Val Bavona (CH)

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Having tried this boulder for the first time, it seemed to me that there were not enough holds on it, and it would not work to make the line. But it was necessary only to think better, and try harder. Just a few moves, but they are really difficult. Very beautiful stone, a real granite wave, which is not so easy to catch:) But I caught it and made another first ascent in Ticino, “Silver Surfer 8B”. Thanks again @alpha_boulder_giubiasco for showing me new projects! #madrockclimbing #russiaclimbing #climbintokyo #ticino Впервые попробовав этот боулдер, мне показалось что на нем не хватает зацепок, и пролезть трассу не получится. Но нужно было всего лишь получше подумать и посильней напрячься. Всего несколько перехватов, но они действительно сложные. Очень красивый камень, настоящая гранитная волна, которую не так просто покорить:) Но я был настойчивым и сегодня сделал ещё один первопроход в Тичино, “Silver Surfer 8B”. Ещё раз спасибо @alpha_boulder_giubiasco что показали мне новые проекты!

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Erstbegehung: Giuliano Cameroni (CH) klettert 'Kubalik' (Fb 8B#) in Brione

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Been climbing in Brione for a few days now and this is the first new problem I did! Situated straight above Guilty of the Hilti but on the other side of the road. “Kubalik” 8b+ fa @scarpaspa @prana @stile_alpino @frictionlabs

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... und 'La Force du Destin' (Fb 8B+) in Fontainebleau (FR)

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Climbed this dope Swiss style climb here in font called La force du destin (8B+) ! @scarpaspa @prana @frictionlabs @stile_alpino

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Nils Favre (CH) klettert 'Manson' (Fb 8A+) in Brione (CH)

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“Manson,8A/+” . Another example of gem in Brione, the last part is a bit scary due to the rock behind but I exited more straight and felt safe. . #pourla2 #milletriseup @millet_mountain #chalkmatters #frictionlabs @frictionlabs @flathold @climbskinspain @blackdiamond @lookmontagne #bouldering

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