Highlights: Dornauer, Webb, Lehmann

Christoph Hanke klettert Hotel Supramonte 8b+ multipitch Sardinien
Foto: Ray Demski | adidas

Hier gibt es die härtesten Züge der letzten Wochen. Mit dabei: Jimmy Webb, Alfons Dornauer, Kaddi Lehmann, Lara Neumeier und viele mehr.

Hier kommen die krassesten Begehungen der letzten Wochen auf einen Blick. Die Yosemite-Spezialisten Tommy Caldwell und Alex Honnold sorgten gleich doppelt für Furore: Erst stellten sie mit ihrer Speedbegehung der Nose einen neuen Rekord mit einer Zeit von 2:10:15 auf, um diese wahnsinnige Zeit nur wenige Tage später selbst zu pulverisieren. Neuer Speedrekord an der Nose, aufgestellt von Honnold und Caldwell Ende Mai: 1:58:07!

Neuer Speed-Rekord an der 'Nose' von Alex Honnold & Tommy Caldwell

I’m feeling mighty thankful for my friendship with this guy. Thanks for hauling the geriatric handicapped dad up the mountain this morning. 1:58.07. It was a heavy and thoughtful week here in Yosemite. I am so saddened by the deaths. RIP Jason Wells and Tim Klein. I can’t imagine the pain of the families. The only way to do this stuff reasonably safely is to climb with the worlds most prolific big wall climber and analyze everything carefully. Thanks Alex for keeping it safety first. This was a experience I will not soon forget. @patagonia_climb @team_edelrid @lasportivana Photo credit @austin_siadak @reelrock

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Lara Neumeier (DE) klettert 'Hotel Supramonte' (8b+, 10 SL) auf Sardinien (IT)

HOTEL SUPRAMONTE (Sardinia, 8b, multipitch) ️ • Juhuiii!! Wednesday morning we started at the bottom of Hotel Supramonte around 9am. Arriving at the start of pitch 5 I was already a bit tired from the two hard pitches before. Started climbing and had a BIG fight at the crux sequence Luckily I climbed the lower and harder part of Hotel without any fall and saved some power for the rest. Aside the cramps in my forearms the upper part of Hotel Supramonte went quite well and we reached the top at 8pm... super HAPPY and tired • BIG THANKS @christoph_hanke for your support and @raydemski for having a great time together! by @raydemski • #noplacetoofar @scarpa_de #accesstheinaccessible @petzl_official #adidasTERREX @adidasterrex

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Christoph Hanke (DE) klettert 'Hotel Supramonte'

It was a honor to climb this beautiful and amazing line "Hotel Supramonte" together with @laraneumeier ️ thanks for the great shot @raydemski Now it's time to get focused for the German Bouldering Championship next weekend @scarpa_de @petzl_official @adidasterrex @clifbar @neprosport @bundeswehr

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Katrin 'Kaddi' Lehmann (DE) klettert 'Pura Vida' (Fb 8A+/8B) im Magic Wood (CH)

Climbing starts with imagining the moves. I love the puzzle solving part of it and finding my way. Yesterday I could do Pura Vida in Magic Wood A line that doesn't only look beautiful but also climbs well, really motivates me. Walking in 3 times to carry crashpads was tiring but very much worth it by @twosecondsphoto Hannes Kutza, check out his profile and homepage for more nice photos. #blackdiamond #liveclimbrepeat

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Kaddi gelang außerdem noch der Boulder Kryptos (Fb 8C) im Balsthal, Schweiz. Info: Kaddi Lehmann klettert 8C

Ralf Grabowski (DE) klettert 'From Doubt to Confidence' (8c+/9a) in Kochel (DE)

Pirmin Bertle (DE) klettert 'Focus Pocus' (9a/+) in Jansegg (CH)

Pirmin konnte in Jansegg eine neue Linie begehen. Focus Pocus besteht laut Pirmin aus einem schwer zu bewertenden Boulderteil, dann folgt ein schlechter Ruhepunkt und dann noch Kletterei im Grad 8c+ zum Umlenker.

Foto: Archiv Bertle
Pirmin Bertle in seiner Erstbegehung 'Focus Pocus', Jansegg, Schweiz.

Erstbegehung: Jimmy Webb klettert 'Demon on a Leash sit' (V12) in Tahoe (US)

Steep, powerful, and sustained. Stoked to have established another hard bloc for the Tahoe region! ‘Demon on a Leash sit’ V12. Cheers @jonathanethompson for the pic! On to the next and higher in the hills. #bouldering #southlaketahoe @hippytree @fiveten_official @organicclimbing @metoliusclimbing

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Jonathan Siegrist (US) klettert 'Arrested development' (5.14d) in Lee Canyon

There is a gnarly reach on ‘Arrested Development’ 14d that was damn near my dimensional maximum! I really feel like all of the preparation for Jumbo helped me so much with moves like this. First time I stuck this span from the ground I went to the anchor. I know it might seem like a bunch of stupid tricks but for reals, all of the hero beta in the roof is actually the best way. Desperate! @arcteryx @lasportivana @metoliusclimbing @maximropes @climbonproducts @theprobar @zealoptics #windsock #figurefour

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Piotr Schab (PO) klettert 'Biographie' aka 'Realization' (9a+) in Céüse (FR)

So cool to see @piotr_schab during his sending attempt in live ! Between the storms & definitely not sending conditions Piotr just "hiked" his long time project "Biographie" 9a+, Ceuse, France and I was "by chance" lucky enough to shoot from different perception as usual #outsideisthegoodside #polishmachine . #climbing #rockclimbing #vanlife #outdoor #photography #grippedmagazine #rockandice #grimper #natgeocreative #biographie #ceuse #france #livefolk

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Alfons Dornauer (AT) klettert 'Sierra Madre' (Fb 8C) im Zillertal (AT)

Alizée Dufraisse (FR) klettert 'Veritas low left' (V12) in RMNP (USA)

Yesterday I managed to send "Veritas low left" V12/8a+ in RMNP. Hope we ll have some good days for "Bear Toss" before Africa @tenayaclimbing @arkose.climbing @petzl_official @rab.equipment @sam__weir @dave_graham_ @katakaha #bouldering #rmnp #wearerab

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Daniel Woods (US) klettert 'The Dark Side of the Compass' (Fb 8B) in RMNP (USA)

Fully spanned on @dave_graham_ “dark side of the compass (8B+)(v14).” Stoked to make the 2nd ascent. This is the right exit to cat ranch and has a pretty tech’d out sequence involving kneebars. Sent just in time before the landing transitions from snow to water Photo @kaisonlavicka

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Dave Graham (US) klettert 'Nothing else matters' (Fb 8B) in Guanella Pass (US)

Nothing Else Matters 8b] @island_io @fiveten_official @petzl_official @sendclimbing @frictionlabs @climbskinspain @walltopia

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Karo Sinnhuber (AT) klettert 'Marabou' & 'Sucker for Pain' (beide Fb 8A) in Galtür

no skin left but happy managed to climb (@manuel_schof ) ‚Marabou‘ 8A and ‚Sucker for Pain‘ 8A today. we went up to ‚X-Ray‘ then #cardio where i checked out the single moves but couldn‘t finish it due to ️ #nexttime @sosolid_official @belmezface @frictionlabs @scarpa_at . . . . . . . . . . #scarpaspa #scarpaclimb #bouldern #bouldering #bouldering_came_first #climbing #climbgirls #klettern #frictionlabs #chalkmatters #austria #österreich #leggings #sosolid #alps #mountains #iloooveit #climbing_is_my_passion #climbing_pictures_of_instagram

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Christof Rauch (AT) klettert 'Viva la Evolution' (Fb 8B+) in Flirsch (AT)

Today I made the second ascent of the mystical @berndzangerl testpiece from 2002 "Viva la Evoltion" in Flirsch. Such a great line in an awesome location, but to get up there is quite a mission. About the grade, originally it was graded 8C but I think 8B+ fits better. Thanks to @saxtontoby for the . . . @scarpaspa @moonclimbing #Austria #Österreich #Tirol #Arlberg #Flirsch #Zillertal #rock #boulder #klettern #climbing #mountains #visittirol #kingline #scarpaspa #scarpaclimb #scarpa #moonclimbing #iloooveit #doyouboulder #climbing_lovers #escalade #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbing_worldwide #climbing_is_my_passion #climbinginspiration #climax_magazine

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... und 'Satellite Stories' (Fb 8B+), Erstbegehung in Koralpe (AT)

Revisited an old project in Carinthia and made the first ascent of "Satellite Stories" (8B+) at the beautiful area of "Koralpe". Tried this one for a few sessions two years ago, feels great to come back a little stronger and take it down. Afterwards I managed to climb two other great lines, "Charles Bronson right" (8A) and "Charles Bronson" (7C+). It was totally worth to get a shower at the descent! . . . @scarpaspa @moonclimbing #Austria #Österreich #Tirol #Kärnten #Carinthia #Koralpe #rock #boulder #klettern #climbing #mountains #visittirol #Zillertal #scarpaspa #scarpaclimb #scarpa #moonclimbing #iloooveit #doyouboulder #climbing_lovers #escalade #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbing_worldwide #climbing_is_my_passion #climbinginspiration #climax_magazine

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Paul Robinson (US) klettert 'Month of Sunday’s' in Rocklands (ZA)

PSYCHED to make the second ascent of @benjamin.decharmoy “month of Sunday’s,” V13/8B today in echo valley. After a near send the other day, it was very gratifying to hike up there and finish this one off today :) #bouldering #rockclimbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram

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... und 'Hipster whale' (Fb 8B) in Rocklands (ZA)

“Hipster whale “ 8B/V13 from @giuliano_cameroni is an awesome addition to the danger zone! Psyched to finish it off. And very happy to not get bitten by the cape cobra I saw yesterday ! So scary! #bouldering photo: @punkaca

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Karo Sinnhuber (AT) klettert 'High society' & 'X-Ray' (beide Fb 8A) in der Silvretta (AT)

‚High Society‘ 8A ( @_baumeister_ ) ‚X-Ray‘ 8A so happy about the send of X-Ray, my anti-style boulder next outdoor session will take place in rocklands @sosolid_official @belmezface @frictionlabs @scarpa_at . . . . . . . . . #climbing #klettern #bouldern #bouldering #bouldering_came_first #frictionlabs #chalkmatters #scarpaclimb #noplacetoofar #leggings #sosolid #austria #österreich #mountains #berge #outdoor #iloooveit #galtür @galtuer_com #climax_magazine #climbing_is_my_passion #climbgirls

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Jernej Kruder (SL) klettert 'Phallus' (V12) im Rocky Mountain National Park (US)

Japan was cool, but I'm happy to be in US now. World Cup in Hachioji was a bit different than I expected, but still happy with the result, even though I didn't make finals this time. I'm also happy that Italians took me out to RMNP today, where we had a nice team send of this unknown V12 (8a+) ...maybe somebody could help me out getting excited about Vail! • @scarpaspa @morphoholds @pucseries @sloveniaclimbing

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Und ein Reminder von Nina Williams an alle, die sich einen Kopf über das Aussehen ihres Körpers machen...

I’ve always been really self-conscious about my legs. I wanted lithe, skinny calves and a thigh gap as a teenager to my early twenties. People described my legs as big, muscular, stout. Scarred from mosquito bites and bushwacking. I chose to take these traits in a negative light, applying them towards my appearance instead of focusing on what they actually meant. . So what do those traits mean? My legs are scratched from crashing through the underbrush, looking for boulders and cliffs and the next big adventure. They are big and muscular, enduring anything from long hikes in the alpine to tricky gym slab climbing, to tweezing and heelhooking and everything in between. They are stout, as my mothers are stout and my grandmothers’ before her. “I got ‘em from my mama” and am damn proud of it ‍️ . My legs are what was given to me (I am blessed to even have them in the first place). They are a source of confidence now that I see them through my own eyes and not anyone else’s. To anyone with body insecurities, just remember what your body does, has done, and will do for you in the future. Give yourself some credit . by @the80hd from yesterday’s awesome @ascentstudio session, in which all parts of my legs proved to be very useful #climbing #bouldering #gymclimbing

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