Highlights: Babsi Zangerl, Fred Nicole, Dave Graham

Babsi Zangerl klettert Speed integrale 9a Voralpsee
Foto: Jacopo Larcher

Barbara Zangerl hat ihre erste 9a geklettert, Fred Nicole haut im Murgtal ein neues Testpiece raus und Dave Graham setzt weitere Akzente im Rocky Mountain National Park.

Erstbegehung: Fred Nicole in Murg (noch unbewertet)

Undecided what to do for my birthday yesterday I opted for Murg where I hoped to find the last cool temps for this season. The road to the upper sector was open and I decided to drive up to try one of my last projects there. I mostly wanted to work out the moves and had little expectations considering the temps and the humidity in the air. After the first attempts to link all the moves together I decided to give it a try. The difficulty consists in holding a right slippery pinch, move your left foot high and cross into another pinch. And then I found myself on top of this beautiful boulder! Thanks Murg! @fiveten_official @e9clothing_official @blackdiamond @climbskinspain

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Barbara Zangerl (AT) klettert 'Speed integrale' (9a) in Voralpsee (CH)

What a day!!!!—at 7 a.m. I finished my nightshift at the hospital; right after we drove to Voralpsee; without any expectations Energy was pretty low in the morning, but somehow the day ended with this crazy fight through this big route! On my last try of the day-> I DID IT!!! „Speed integrale“...big surprise——sooooooo happy! Now I am ready to turn 30 #megaline #first 9a #sohappy #bigdream #liveclimbrepeat Big Thanks to the #overstokergang for the good vibes and the fun-times up there!!! @jacopolarcher @nadinewallner @mtina_sch @claudiazangerl @laraneumeier @luger_alex @fabian.leu @nemuel_feurle @simon @jacopolarcher Thanks for the best support over all the years@blackdiamond @lasportivagram ***************************************** @verivalbio @fazabrushes @frictionlabs @climbskinspain

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James McHaffie & Emma Twyford räumen ab

noch mehr Brit-Action mit James McHaffie & Madeleine Cope

Jon Cardwell klettert ' Stocking Stuffer' (5.14d) in Rifle

Weekend #865 in Rifle but still feeling the excitement // @jon_cardwell making the second ascent of 'Stocking Stuffer' (5.14d), a route we put up together last year. Couple more gems tucked away in the canyon #lezgo

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Second ascent of Somnolence (8b)! Very hard problem in my opinion :) @jwebxl with the FA (and thanks for the support)! Good times with good conditions back in winter. @scarpaspa @prana @frictionlabs vid by @kevintakashismith

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Jonas Winter (DE) klettert 'Karma' (Fb 8A+) in Fontainebleau (FR)

Summer session in the forrest. "Karma" (first ascent fred nicole ) is one of those problems i always have to jump on when i see it. Just to perfect to resist :) #liveclimbrepeat #chalkmatters #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbing_videos_of_instagram

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Erstbegehung: Martin Stranik (CZ) klettert 'Master Satchmo' (Fb 8B+)

Master Satchmo 8B+ FA. Do you like morning sessions? I do, better fiction, quite nature, pure happiness. Today i sent this proj on Ostaš, some 8A travers into 8B arete with hardest move at the end. #scarpaspa #singingrock #olymppraha #scarpacze

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... und 'Sars' (Fb 8B)

SARS 8B FA, Found a new beta to send this proj in Moravia Carst after years of no succes. Thanks @adam.ondra to vision of line. Psyched to start trying 8C project in cave in summer. With @kac_stranik #olymppraha #scarpacze #scarpaspa #singingrock

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Dave Graham klettert 'The Dark Side of the Compass' (Fb 8B) in RMNP (USA)

Early last Spring @tchadx and @fausey opened up our eyes to some incredible climbing by brushing up an amazing set of projects on the massive block that sits in Lake Haiyaha. These coveted lines were some of the last great ones in Chaos, and perpetually surrounded by a deep mote of freezing water. Apparently all these years the damn rigs had an awesome temporal snow-deck We figured out some great beta, and I was able to climb the central line, ending in a majestic crack, known now as Cat Ranch, and heralded as a potential for the best climb in the Park I hustled up there this year my first day back from Spain in hopes of acclimatizing and hanging with the crew, but was immediately sucked into this obvious exit branching to the right arete; resistant climbing on decent holds into freak kneebars and wide compression After a few more sessions, The Dark Side of the Compass 8b?] was born Another classic for the canyon @island_io @fiveten_official @petzl_official @walltopia @frictionlabs @climbskinspain @sendclimbing @carolinelovesphotos ️

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Nalle Hukkataival (FI) klettert 'Room Service' (V14) in Squamish (CA)

Last try, best try in Squamish! Swooped up a project I couldn’t seal the deal on my last trip: Room Service (V14)! What a finicky piece of rock! Ultimately took close to ten times falling off at the very top trying to catch that unpredictable and unexplainable Squamish stickiness for longer than 5 seconds. Solid amount of climbing and trickery from the obvious start at the bottom into what had been opened by @mccollsean starting high perched on a rock. Adding a sit start still remains a project for next time. Was also happy to hike up solo to the top of the Chief and make the most of it with a little TR ascent of Tainted Love. Such an impressive route from @hazel_findlay! Definitely need to come back with more time and drag a belayer up there to get after it for real. Good times again, until next time Canada! @westmountainmedia #bouldering @blackdiamond @lasportivagram

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Seb Bouin (FR) klettert 'Le blond, la brute, et le manouche' (8c+) in Mollans (FR)

Yesteday I sent "Le blonb, la brute et le manouche" 8c+ in Joncas sector. Nice crimpy resistant route. I did it in 4 goes. About the grade, I will say nothing. If someone is interesting to have my opinion, I can give him personnaly . Pic by Sam Bié for @eb_climbing in Mollans. - Hier j'ai réalisé "le blond, la brute, et le manouche" 8c+ au secteur des Joncas. Belle voie de résistance sur réglettes. Je l'ai réalisé en 4 montées. A propos de la cotation, je ne dirai rien. Si quelqu'un est intéressé pour avoir mon opinion, je répondrai avec plaisir. Photo de Sam Bié pour @eb_climbing

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